We proudly present Nurtio, a revolutionary product for the corporate indoor gardening.

Using the most cutting-edge technology and knowing everything about over 15000 kinds of plants, Nurtio will help you improve the quality of plant care, while bringing your costs down.

And so is your operations department, since from now on no effort of your people is ever spent in vain.

Tiny sensors in every pot measure the humidity and pH balance of soil, as well as the ambient temperature and lightning. 



You get easy-to-follow and labor-optimized instructions on what exactly should be done. 

The data from sensors is being collected via Bluetooth and goes into the cloud.

Your gadget

Your plants are happy


We’re not just saying that. The launch of this cool new technology will genuinely change the way you look at the plants handling.

  • Our team has taken care of office plants in the largest companies for over 10 years, so we know the deal
  • Do what you do best, and Nurtio will take care of the rest 

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Last preparations are made, and soon we`ll release the commercial version of our new product.

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